You want to connect and help the parents in your ministry. We can help.

Parenting is hard in normal times, and these days are anything but normal. Knowing how to manage boundaries and habits with constantly changing technology in our digital world is a challenge. Let Sid Koop partner with you to equip parents for what they and their kids are dealing with these days. 

What parents need right now isn’t just more information, but meaningful connection and space to process these difficult issues with experts and other parents. Digital Parents Nights allow you to connect with parents right where they are these days (at home) via Zoom or other video conferencing platform.

Digital World is a set of four seminars that can be presented individually or as a series of Digital Parents Nights. Each 60 minute seminar can include Q&A with parents.


The digital revolution means that the parenting tools available to the last generation just aren’t cutting it with the challenges of today. How do parents help their kids navigate a whole new world?  How do they pass on unchanging values, in a constantly changing environment, to the next generation?  What new tools are available, and old practices need to be re-affirmed, to equip and encourage parents in their greatest responsibility?


Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok… the platforms change but the deep desire for community and acceptance doesn’t. What are the dangers and opportunities kids face on these new platforms?  What are the right boundaries for teens of different ages?  How should parents interact with their children’s social lives?


You want teens and parents to see the seriousness of the issue without compounding shame. You want parents to  protect their kids from exposure, and also prepare them to respond to exposure.  This seminar will give parents tools and teach the right conversation starters so that freedom can be found.


The gaming industry is larger than music and movies combined, yet it still seems foreign to most parents. This seminar unpacks the knowledge parents need to help their teen learn wisdom in this area.

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