Purity Is Possible Webinar Intensives + Resources


Looking for more resources about talking about pornography with youth? We’re here to help! The Purity Is Possible Webinar Intensives + Resources will dive in and answer some of those hard questions about how to lead well, and equip you with the resources you need.


What are the Purity Is Possible Webinar Intensives?

Three webinar recordings with experts Glendyne Gerrard (Defend Dignity), Dr. Marv Penner, and Sarah Stanley (Trinity Kelowna) dive into issues related to talking to youth about pornography. Includes recorded Q&As with real youth workers just like you.

What else is included?

- Two talks to get you started - these are ready to show to your youth, or to help you prep for your own talk.
- Scripts are included for these talks, to help guide you as you plan.
- Email template to send to parents.

Concerned about the cost?

We will never let budget constraints get in the way of equipping your team. Email us at [email protected] and we'll cover the bill for you