Youth Ministry


Helping local churches better reach a generation in their context


We’re a team of experienced youth workers who want the next generation to know Jesus. That means when we join your team we don’t just come in as consultants, we come in as team members. We’ll align with the mission and vision that God has placed into your local church and accomplish outrageous results.

Wish that attendance would increase? Us too.

Want the discipleship of teenagers to go deeper? Us too.

Hope that core families would be more excited than ever about the youth ministry? Us too.

We will set clear goals with you and then accomplish them through the interns and volunteers that are in place.

WHAT it looks like

We want to roll up our sleeves and be part of the team–solving the immediate challenges and helping you develop systems and structures that will last long into the future as you grow.

A contract like this might be a little different than you’re used to. The great news is that we are used to working in this way to help churches accomplish the mission that God has called them to, both in the short term and the long term. We’ll bring the same passion to your youth ministry so that you can celebrate this partnership and how it helps move your mission forward.


We’ll work with you to assess your needs and desired outcomes and create a customized plan and cost.

We will work closely with your interns or volunteers and equip them with the regular weekly meetings they’ll need to launch into the fall well.

We’ll also meet regularly with whichever staff person is overseeing our contract.

We are also able to invite our other team members to speak into special projects, run a parents night, offer training sessions for the volunteer teams, do the survey deep dive into the hopes and dreams that folks have for the youth ministry, equip the hiring committee with a series of tools useful for hiring the next youth pastor, help navigate a delicate family situation from the perspective of a professional counsellor, and show up (in person or virtually) to evaluate regular youth ministry programming. We become personally responsible for the ministry outcomes we agree upon.


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There’s a wide range of skills across our team members. That means that throughout our time working together you’ll get to pull in a world class expert in the exact area you need help with.

Whether it’s communication, counselling, administration, human resources, strategic thinking, programming, or clear visioneering — you can count on us to offer the best way forward.

Sid Koop

Sid Koop

Executive Director

Jeremy MacDonald

Jeremy MacDonald

Director of Operations

Rachel Siverns

Rachel Siverns

Executive Admin + Chief Designer

Steve Zacharias

Steve Zacharias

Director of Coaching

Lisette Fraser

Lisette Fraser

Director of The Coalition

Sarah Stanley

Sarah Stanley

Ministry Designer

WHO we’ve worked with

Kevin is the husband to Kristin, dad to Livia, Lincoln, and Lennon, and serves as NextGen Coach for the ABNWT district of the PAOC . Kevin has a passion to see women and men discover and grow in their unique, God-given purpose.