086: Why are Large Scale Youth Events so Helpful for the Spiritual Journey of Teenagers (And What Should You Do If Covid-19 Cancels Them All Indefinitely)?

There’s no doubt that large events have made an impact on people’s spiritual lives in recent decades. Whether you talk about tens of thousands at a Billy Graham event or thousands at a regional youth conference, there are countless stories of decisions made to follow Jesus during those events. So what do we lose if we can’t access those types of events like we used to? Are there still opportunities for students to take steps in their journey? What can we do as youth workers to make space for significant spiritual decisions to still get made this year in our ministry?

Dale Winder and Olivia Bronson mentioned a resource for following up with a teenager who has made a new decision to follow Jesus and that is available HERE.

You are invited to bring your youth ministry to Change Conference online this fall. Sadie Robertson, Lecrae, Chad Veach, and many others will inspire and empower students to live for Jesus and make a difference in the world.

You are also invited to the Youth Ministry Online Summit for Volunteers. This event is designed for staff to attend with their volunteer teams. It will provide face-paced keynotes that will motivate your whole team for the season ahead and then in-depth breakout sessions on the essentials of volunteering in youth ministry. All content will premiere live on September 12 and also be available for on demand download on that day. Learn more about the Youth Ministry Online Summit here.