158: How Can You Shepherd Graduating Students Well?


Rolf (from Power to Change – Students) and Tim (from Alpha Youth Canada) hosted this conversation as a webinar, but we are bringing it to you through this podcast 🎉

If you’d rather watch the Shepherding Graduating Students Webinar, use this link:https://vimeo.com/716792278/1bd9ee134f

In the conversation you’ll hear:

  • Advice from Olivia a current post-secondary school student (feel free to show this to your youth group)
  • “Sending graduates as missionaries” program from Hartley at People’s Church
  • Jonathan Mitchell, a pastor and leader of the 604 youth network, talking about the need for the church to have a sending mentality.
  • P2C-S has a great “get connected” process to introduce incoming students to current students and helpfulmentorship cards

Would love your feedback!  If you were at the event, or when you watch or listen to this, can we get your first quick impressions so we can improve for future collaborative webinars? Three question feedback form here. https://forms.gle/nTiuJyvRnSd3Zdop7

Extra Resources

Hope this is helpful and encouraging. If you’ve got questions, get in touch with us!

Tim with Alpha Youth Canada ([email protected])
Rolf with Power to Change – Students ([email protected])
Sid with Youth Worker Community ([email protected])