153: Should You Burn All Your Students’ Secular Music?


The media landscape continues to morph and change, but what isn’t new is the need for critical discernment of the media that we all consume (teenagers included)! But how do you actually teach healthy discernment and the pursuit of holiness without just veering into behaviour modification? Join today’s conversation with Tyler Rody, a youth worker in Saskatoon, as he unpacks some thought provoking ways that we as youth workers can search our own hearts before helping our students with the media that they are entertained by.

You should definitely check out cpyu.org for some great resources – especially their 3D Media Reviews.

We referenced TheYQList by AJ Crocker, which hasn’t been updated in a couple years but still has some goodies on it!

You can learn more about Tyler Rody by following him on Instagram (@lifeofarody)

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