149: What Should You Know About The Changing Technology Landscape As A Youth Worker?


The world is changing fast–the technology and media that your students are navigating are significantly different from the what they were navigating even just a year ago. It is such a huge part of your students’ lives, so what is your responsibility in the midst of it? Join today’s interview with Brett Ullman to learn more about what you should know about technology and media in today’s world!


Want to dive deeper into some resources? Check out:

Books Brett recommends by category:https://www.amazon.ca/shop/brettullman

His new book, Navigating Everything: https://amzn.to/2ZRKZGf

The Center for Parent and Youth Understanding

Common Sense Media

Axis’ Culture Translator

Want to connect with Brett? Check out his:
Website – www.brettullman.com/
Youtube – www.youtube.com/brettu
Instagram – @BrettUllman
Twitter – @BrettUllman
Facebook – www.facebook.com/brettullman11
TikTok – @BrettUllman


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