143: What Do Great Small Group Leaders Do For Their Students After High School?

Ever wonder what the markers are of students who continue to follow Jesus in their university years? And are there things that you can do to help your students continue walking with Jesus even after high school? Join the conversation with Sarah Trouborst as she shares stories from the trenches of ministry on Canadian university campuses to answer those questions.


As Sarah mentions, one of the best things you can do is connect students with a Christian community. There are Christian campus groups at many of the Canadian universities. You can search through the lists from these three organizations:






In the intros to today’s episode Rolf Nanninga invited you to share the Power to Change scholarships with your students. You can access those now at this lnk: https://p2c.com/students/scholarships/

Renegotiating Faith was a research project that dives deeper into today’s topic. You can access it for free at: https://p2c.com/renegotiating-faith/


Here’s a few articles you might find helpful:





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