108: What Should You Do Now to Help the Faith of Students Who Are Soon Going to Graduate?

A few years ago, the Renegotiating Faith study found that young people who had someone stay in touch with them as they transitioned from high school to university to connect them to a community of faith were FOUR TIMES MORE LIKELY to stay connected to a community of faith by the end of their first year. So it clearly matters, but what does that connection look like? Join us this week with Rolf Nanninga & Dan Sherman from Power To Change – Students as they give us some practical next steps and tell us why it matters! 

You should also access to our on-demand webinar all about helping students carry on their faith after graduation. More tools, ideas, giveaways, and Q&A will be provided. Find it here.

One of the great ways you can support your students in this season is by connecting them to great scholarship funding. Our friends over at Power to Change – Students are offering a NEXT Steps Scholarship for those heading off to post-secondary in Ontario and the Impact Award for students going to post-secondary in Western Canada. 


Looking for some more resources and tools? 

  • The Find My Campus tool can help students get connected to a P2C group at their future school
  • The Mentorship Resource can be used to guide conversations with your soon-to-graduate students
  • SHIFT >> ENTER can be used to bring your post-secondary-bound students together
    • Learn more about SHIFT >> ENTER through this video
    • Check out the student facing video on Vimeo or YouTube (any feedback is greatly appreciated!)  
    • Invite your alumni back to share their experience and invite your local campus worker to join the conversation
  • The Power to Change – Students email subscription is great for incoming students, their parents and their youth leaders to stay up to date on all relevant information and opportunities (you can check out a sample of their last issue for youth leaders here)
  • The In Every Way online event is happening April 17th, and it will be an evening filled with stories and hope from the past year.


Special thanks to this episode’s other sponsor, Trinity Western University. Their mission is to develop godly Christian leaders: positive, goal-oriented university graduates with thoroughly Christian minds; growing disciples of Jesus Christ who glorify God through fulfilling the Great Commission, serving God and people in the various marketplaces of life. They are passionately committed to helping you discover how to be fully and faithfully present in the world and to play a vital role in God’s work of healing, hope, and renewal. Learn more about this leading liberal arts university with campuses in both Canada and the USA at TWU.ca


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