106: What Does It Mean to Take God’s Name in Vain and How Does Your Answer Shape The Theology You Pass Onto Teenagers?


We all have faith questions, and none of us have all the answers. But when students are asking deep questions, the way that you respond matters deeply.


For example, do the 10 commandments really matter anymore? Can’t you just ask for forgiveness after sinning and be free and clear? Isn’t God kind of angry in the Old Testament? Does the Bible really matter? 


Join us this week with Dr. Carmen Imes from Prairie College as she gives us theological grounding for the questions that will surely come, and reminds us of the lens through which the next generation is viewing the world. 


Want to learn more from Dr. Carmen Imes? Check out her book Bearing God’s Name (https://amzn.to/2PhIYkv), and her YouTube channel with Torah Tuesdays.


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Learn more about Prairie College (https://prairie.edu/) in Alberta.


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